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Amy RobertsonI tell a lot of my friends who attend Westminster now, ‘I know it is hard, but it is worth it,’” said Spencer, a graduate of the Class of 2018. ” |  Read more

Lauren Spencer '18
Junior Nursing Student at Samford University


Amy Robertson“Westminster was just an incredibly well-rounded time of growth for me in my life, it was more than just education. Spiritual formation, athletics, music, and drama were all a part of it.” |  Read more

Cullen Rodgers-Gates '96 
Director of Development and Membership at National Association of Evangelicals

Amy RobertsonAppointed by Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, Westminster alumnus Robert Watts serves on the state Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission and was honored as one of The University of Georgia Alumni Association’s top 40 graduates under the age of 40. |  Read more

Robert Watts '04 
Attorney at Jones Day in Atlanta, Georgia 

Amy Robertson“I don’t think you realize it while you are at Westminster, but the constant biblical training you receive about the importance of your faith gets burned into you,” Williams said. “I think having that baseline understanding of your faith and personal relationship with Christ propels you so much further.”  |  Read more

Jared Williams '06 
District Attorney for the Augusta Judicial Circuit

Ivan Stojanov

"As I moved from college to graduate school to founding a company, I repeatedly found that my 13 years at Westminster effectively shaped every area of my life, from personal to professional to spiritual,” said Hearon, Class of 2005. “Westminster taught me to compete, to communicate, to fight, to compromise, to win, to lose, and, most importantly, to learn.” Read more

Keith Hearon ‘05
Chairman, External Advisory Board to the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Georgia Tech 

Ivan Stojanov

"At Westminster, for the faculty, teaching is not simply a profession or a job, it is a commitment to the success, education and character formation of the students at the school. I am very grateful for their involvement in my life and all the students’ lives.” Read more

Ivan Stojanov ‘05
Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology at Case Western Reserve University‘s School of Dental Medicine and School of Medicine in Cleveland

John Cates

The strong work ethic Cates established at Westminster recently helped propel him to being named one of the University of Georgia Alumni Association’s top 40 graduates under the age of 40 for 2020. | Read More

John Cates '03
Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel for Meybohm Real Estate


Ansley Pantsari

During her time at Westminster Schools of Augusta, alumna Ansley Pantsari remembers being surrounded by faculty members invested not only in her academic success, but in her spiritual development.  Read More.

Ansley Pantsari​ '17
Senior at The Citadel


Haleigh Mahaffey

Claire Hardin, an alumna of Westminster Schools of Augusta, has worked in field hospitals and disaster relief zones, including in Haiti three times, twice after the catastrophic earthquake in 2010.  Read More.

Claire Hardin '96
Claire Hardin, Emergency Medicine Nurse at Colorado Children's Hospital 


Haleigh Mahaffey

Judge McMillian, a member of the Class of 1991, credits the faculty and staff at Westminster, among others, for her rise to the Supreme Court. | Read More.

Carla McMillan '91 
Carla Wong McMillian, Justice for the Supreme Court of Georgia


Jim Griffin

"This foundation is as much of who I am as the blood running through my veins,” Roberts said. " | Read More

Madison Roberts, '96
Seminarian at Princeton Theological Seminary



Jim Griffin

"In many ways, the ability to think critically, write well, and articulate a strong, sound viewpoint, were formed within the framework of a Westminster education and have proven consistently relevant to me personally and professionally,” Hancock said. " | Read More

Daniel Hancock, '97
U.S. Navy Cmdr., Daniel Hancock serves as the first commanding officer of the USS Frank E. Petersen Jr.


Jim Griffin

"I am so thankful for the wonderful teaching that I received at Westminster Schools of Augusta. The high academic standards were consistent in our study of Math, Science, History and the Bible," | Read More

Rachel Temple, '95
Rachel is currently a nurse in Alexandria, Va.


Jim Griffin

"I enjoyed Englsih, History, Government, Biology, Chemisry...but Latin fascinated me," | Read More

Dr. Dan Lassiter, '00
Dr. Dan Lassiter has been teaching at Stanord University since 2013. 


Jim Griffin

"It molded me into the person I am," Griffin said of his education at Westminster. "The way I handle stress, success, failure all goes back to the skills I developed or honed at Westminster." | Read More

Jim Griffin '03 
Jim is completing his 
fellowship in complex general surgical oncology at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center


Kendra Sue Finch

“My goal is that Westminster students will use technology to make an impact in the world around them for the sake of Christ,” |   Read more

Kendra Sue Finch '94
Director of Educational Technology and Accreditation


Zach Pollard“Mrs. Hornsby was a great mentor who inspired my confidence to think independently, fearlessly embrace failures, and to create boldly as an artist.” |   Read more

Margaret Daniel '05
Current Senior at Savannah College of Art and Design

"I saw many students find their passions, learn to better understand themselves and each other, and grow in ways they had not expected – all in a safe environment that valued their ideas, their perspectives, their struggles, and their passions." | Read More

Jay Hartmann '12
Current Student of MFA in Painting Program at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA. 

"While I may not know the exact hour, by the time I left Westminster, I was a believer in the life, death, and resurrection of Christ." / Read More

Daniel Finch '89
Professor at Messiah College in Grantham, PA.


"I am encouraged to know there are students who deeply care about the student body of Westminster relationally, academically, and spiritually." | Read More

Jackson Eubank '01 
Grade 4 Teacher at Florida Mesa Elementary School in Durango, CO.



"I have and always will take with me the lessons learned at Westminster. While I live and breathe educational decisions all day, every day, I do my best to do it with the compassion and ethics learned at Westminster. While I attempt to raise my own three sons, I hold Westminster as a measuring stick or benchmark of the type of education I expect for them." | Read More

Ryan Giles '96 
Assistant Principal at Moultrie Middle School in Mount Pleasant, SC.

Aaron Adams"Many of my achievements and current work would not be possible if not for the life-changing work of the teachers and my time at Westminster. Westminster was crucial in my preparation for college and my academic experience and conditioned me to do the hard work."   |  Read more

Dr. Aaron Adams '05
Staff Pediatrician at Walter Reed Medical Center

Amy Robertson"It was the spiritual strengthening I gained at Westminster that gave me confidence to share Christ and stand strong in my beliefs while at Vanderbilt... I discovered how I fit in God's story of redemption at Westminster...I continue to follow Him, taking the Westminster education that shaped me beyond the classroom to serve wherever the Spirit leads me and our family."  |  Read more

Amy (Hancock) Robertson '92
Amy, along with her husband and children, serve full-time on the mission field.


Zach PollardWestminster gave me a challenging, educational environment that helped me grow and develop into the person I am today. The teachers really cared about the students’ spiritual and  educational growth. Their investment helped me continue to succeed scholastically at the University of Georgia.”  |   Read more

Zach Pollard ‘01
Former city director at Mission Year in Houston, TX. Zach is currently working on a Masters of Music in Music Therapy.


Christal Duggan
Alumni Coordinator







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