What to Expect on Your Shadow Day

We are looking forward to hosting you on campus! As you prepare for your shadow day, please review the information below. It will give you a general outline of your day and what to expect.

What Your Day Will Look Like

You will be paired up with a shadow partner, who will be your personal guide for the day. We want you to get the full Westminster experience by attending classes, lunch, community events, and meeting our friendly faculty, staff, and students.


Our Middle and Upper School students follow a seven day rotating block schedule. This means that every day, one class is dropped and picked up the following day. We also have a blocked off programming period of 20 minutes every day that our divisions use for community time, clubs, chapel, worship and advisory, depending on the day of the week. As you sit in on each class, feel free to participate and engage if you would like. Our students genuinely enjoy having new people in class and would love to connect with you!


We have a fantastic lunch program that offers a variety of fresh and flavorful foods prepared daily in our cafeteria. As part of your shadow experience, we will provide you with a lunch voucher so that you may try our delicious lunch and get a feel for how our lunch lines work.

Drop off and Pick up

In order to avoid the car lines, the Office of Admissions will coordinate a specific time to arrive after school has started. We will meet you outside of Knox Hall (Building 300) and escort you to either the Middle or Upper School Office to meet your shadow partner. When it is time to be picked up, your shadow partner will be instructed to take you back to the same place. Parents, please come to the appropriate office to pick up your child. Attached is a campus map that will direct you where to park and meet. Lastly, a permission form will need to be filled out and returned to the appropriate division’s office when you arrive at school. Please see below for attached permission form.

Health Guidelines 

Westminster Schools of Augusta continues to monitor and assess the outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide, for updates please visit wsa.net/coronavirus. To best prioritize the health of our staff, students, and community members, we currently asking anyone on campus to wear a mask.

Shadow Day Coronavirus Waiver

Dress Code Policy

Boys should wear collared shirts, tucked in. No writing may appear on shirts, with the exception of a small logo (no larger than 2” x 2” in size). Sweaters, fleeces, or hoodies (sweatshirts) with a WSA, college, or small 2” x 2” logo (Nike, Adidas, etc.) may be worn over a collared shirt. Boys may wear dress shorts (no athletic shorts or shorts higher than 4 inches above the crease in the back of the knee), pants (such as khaki-style pants), or jeans. All garments should be well kept (without holes or fraying) and should be worn in an appropriate manner. A belt must be worn with shorts or pants. Earrings may not be worn during school or at school events. Boys must be clean shaven with hair off of the collar and out of the eyes.

Girls should wear shirts or blouses with necklines which are modest and cover the torso at all times. Any sleeveless shirt must have straps which measure at least 3 inches wide (three finger guide), but racer back tanks are not allowed. Shirts may not display writing or designs that draw attention, but may have a small logo (no larger than 2” x 2” in size). All garments must be of appropriately modest fit and neat (without holes or fraying). Sweaters, fleeces, or hoodies (sweatshirts) with a WSA, college, or small 2” x 2” logo (Nike, Adidas, etc.) may be worn over an appropriate shirt. Girls may not wear a skirt or shorts higher than 4 inches above the crease in the back of the knee (slits in skirts should also be modest). Leggings/jeggings are not considered the same as regular jeans or pants and should not be worn as such. No riding/tight-fitting pants or jeans are allowed. Earrings may be worn only in the ears.

Please note for both boys and girls: At all times, students must wear shoes, boots, or leather-type dress sandals. Recreational footwear (such as: flip-flops, athletic sandals, Chacos, Tevas, etc.) will not be allowed. For safety purposes, we recommend girls not wear heels higher than 2 inches.







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