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Order your family's dinner through Flik Dining! While Westminster continues our remote learning program, Flik Dining is offering home-cooked dinner options for you and your family! Here at Westminster, taking care of our community is our top priority. All proceeds will go directly to support the Flik Dining staff during this time of uncertainty. You are able to use your declining balance or food meal balance to cover the cost. For those who are not on the plan, you may pay via cash or check during pick-up at Knox Hall (at this time, we are not able to accept payment via credit card). You may order anytime before noon on the day of pick-up. Pick up will take place from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Please see the flyer below for the meal options. Please fill out one google form per family meal each day. Please contact Chef Keith at with any questions and place your order by following the link below.

Flik Dinner Flyer: May 19 - May 21

Order Here: May 19- May 21

Nourishing a Brighter Future

flik dining lunch menu

Westminster contracts with Flik Independent School Dining as the dining service provider for our students. All menu items are made from scratch with fresh and authentic ingredients and are prepared on campus in our state-of-the-art kitchen. 

Flik offers appetizing and nutritious lunches and menu items including gourmet soups, a full salad bar, delicious entrees, pizzas, pasta and deli selections. Every day students have good, healthy, and diverse selections to choose from. 

Westminster has two cafeterias, one that serves students in the Lower School, and a second one in Knox Hall that serves our Middle and Upper School students. 

Flik Dining Daily Menu



Chef Keith Boring
(706) 731-5260, ext. 2328

Cafeteria Hours

In addition to the designated lunch period each day, Middle and Upper School students can purchase snacks and beverages between 7 am and 3:30 pm in the cafeteria in Knox Hall.

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Lower School

Lower School students have a choice of two plan options, the Meal Plan or the Declining Balance Plan.

Meal Plan

This meal plan Includes daily choice of soup, entree, starch, two vegetables, pasta with sauce, and choice of milk, juice, or water. Students may return for a choice of half sandwich or one side item if still hungry.

To enroll in this lunch plan,  fill out the form in the brochure below and return it to the Business office with a check made out to Flik. You can also mail your form to the school with your check, attn: Flik Dining 3067 Wheeler Road, Augusta, GA 30909.

Plan Cost
Full Year Plan (PK3-Kindergarten) $750
Full Year Plan (Grade 1-5) $825
Monthly Plan $105
Monthly Plan in May/December $75

Download 2019-20 Brochure

Declining Balance Plan

Students in the Lower School have the option of enrolling in the Declining Balance Plan. This option allows for our youngest students to purchase lunch items a la carte. Students can purchase the following:

Item Cost
Meal Deal (Includes one entrée, every side item that is offered, dessert (if there is one), milk, juice, or water cup $5.65
Entree $2.85
Deli Sandwich $2.60
Sides Item $1.50
Second Entree $2.10
Milk/Juice Cup $1.15
Dessert $1.50

To enroll you must create and manage your account online at  The minimum to open an account is $25. You must make sure in advance that there are sufficient funds in order for your child to purchase lunch. There are no cash sales, and we will not allow negative balances.

Please note: If you need assistance in opening your account, please contact Keith Boring.

Middle & Upper School

All Middle and Upper School students have a choice of two plan options, the Yearly Meal Plan or the Declining Balance Plan. 

Yearly Meal Plan

Students have the option of purchasing a Yearly Meal Plan. The meal plan includes 1 entree, 3 sides, and a small drink every day during the school year when lunch is served. Students may also choose a dessert item as one of their 3 side items. A declining balance account (see below) will need to be funded if additional purchases are made. The cost will be prorated for families who opt-in anytime before the end of the first semester.

Cost: $950 for a full year 

Download Brochure

Declining Balance Plan

The Declining Balance Plan is for students who may not want to eat lunch every day and want to purchase items a la carte. There are no limits on purchases, and your student's balance decreases as purchases are made, much like a debit card. It is recommended that families keep at least $30 per week in the account for students who want to each lunch daily. 

Students can use their balance to purchase items at the below prices:

Meal Deal (Entrée, 2 sides, regular drink) $5.65 Side Salad $3.10
Large Side/Fries $2.15 Entrée Salad $4.50
Regular Side $1.60 Bottled Water $1.75
Entrée $3.10 Regular Beverage $1.30
Pepperoni Pizza Slice $3.25 Yogurt Cup $2.25
Homemade Cookies (2-pack) $1.60 Fruit Cup $2.25
Bag of Chips $1.65 Milk Carton (1/2 pint) $1.15
Rice Krispie Bar $1.60 Oreo Cookies $1.60
Regular Ice Cream Treat $2.00 Premium Ice Cream Treat $2.65
Deli Sandwich $4.15 Scones $2.15
Whole Fruit $1.50 Chicken Biscuit $2.60

If you choose to enroll in this plan, open an account or manage your current account online at  The minimum to open a declining balance account is $25. You must make sure you have sufficient funds in order to purchase lunch. There are no cash sales, and we will no longer allow negative balances.  

Please Note: If you need assistance in opening your account, please contact Keith Boring. 


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Student Dining

Special Programs

Educating our students about nutrition

Flik goes above and beyond by offering nutrition education programs that empower students to make healthy choices on a daily basis. By providing wholesome meals in conjunction with nutrition education, they are equpping our students with the tools to live a healthy life.  Below are some of the featured programs for the 2018-19 school year:

S.E.E.D Program: Love Food, Not Waste!

The Sustainable Eating and Environmental Dining (S.E.E.D.) program was designed as our way of ensuring that we are engaging in positive practices that complement the Flik Independent School Dining's food and nutrition philosophy. The goal is to protect the environment and the ability for future generations to thrive. This year's S.E.E.D. program focus is Love Food, Not Waste. Through this program we will focus on many different ways the dining services staff can help the school and community live more sustainably.


Tastings is an opportunity for culinary experimentation and menu building, as well as for communication with students. Tastings are a great (and simple!) way to generate interest in the dining program by highlighting something special and to encourage students to try a small amount of a new healthy food or dish. The idea is that this exposure will lead to acceptance – and enjoyment! – of this food.

Food Focus

Our monthly Food Focus is a way of introducing culinary trends and traditions to your student. We are heading into the 2019 fall semester with #FlikStreetFoods! Each month we will offer a different ethnic hand-held street food. 

Traveling Flavors

Last year we went around the country tasting great BBQ. This year's Traveling Flavors will be taking a tour of Italy! We will explore several different regions of Italy focusing on specific pastas in each location. 

Healthy Foods Matter

This year's focus will be on the colors of the rainbow! Each month we will focus on specific fruits and veggies that will help color our plates! #painttheplate


Flik Dining is now available to provide catering for your event! A specific catering menu will be coming soon. In the meantime, please contact Chef Keith at or 706.731.5260, ex. 2328 if you have any catering needs.







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