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Fully Wired, a new robotics league in the CSRA, is seeking schools that would like to serve as founding members for its inaugural season starting in the fall!

Fully Wired is a robotics league for public and private high schools in the CSRA that was founded by Westminster Schools of Augusta to create a cost-effective activity that inspires local students to explore STEM disciplines in a way that engaged their creativity and imagination. Because the league is local, teams do not have to pay travel or lodging costs to compete. Plus, they get the added benefit of competing against their friends and rival schools.

  • Rise to the Challenge
    • Each year, Fully Wired releases a new challenge.
    • Teams must build and program an autonomous robot to solve the challenge.
    • Fully Wired provides teams with a complementary competition kit and supporting resources for teams to build its robot.
    • Students learn valuable STEM principles and presentation skills by participating in league competitions.
    • Participating schools are supported by a group of league commissioners who can help provide teams and their advisor's training and guidance.
  • Build a Team
    • The league will admit eight to 10 teams for competition in the inaugural season.
    • The recommended size for each team is five to 10, but no less than three, students in grades 9 through 12.
    • Schools may field more than one team; however, there may be a cost in doing so.
    • Teams are required to provide their own meeting space, and an advisor and volunteers to assist students.
    • Annual dues are $125.
  • Stay on track
    • September 2021 – Deadline to register a team
    • October 2021 – League release annual challenge to teams
    • January 2022 – Practice scrimmage held
    • March 2022 – Fully Wired championship tournament


Kendra Sue Finch
Director of Institutional Advancement

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