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College counseling at Westminster is a partnership that brings students, parents and our college counseling office together for the support and encouragement of our students as they invest their efforts in college planning.

Through the college search and admissions process, we strive to:

  1. Assist students in making appropriate college choices
  2. Foster student initiative, independence, and self-understanding
  3. Strengthen decision-making and goal setting skills

Our primary objective is to address each student's individual college needs and ensure that Westminster students are active, energetic, and investigative participants in the process.

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Parents and students, click here to access Scoir!

We are dedicated to helping guide every Wildcat through the college selection and application process. Please see the below resources for information on applications, school visits and financial aid. 
Most schools will look at GPA, transcript (grades and course load), and standardized test scores. Supplemental materials may include: resume, recommendation letters, essay and/or short answer questions. Each school requests different materials, so check with each individually to ensure that everything needed is included. 
School Visits
Juniors are allowed to miss one academic day per semester of their choosing with no academic penalty to visit a college campus. Seniors will be allowed to miss two academic days per semester. Students need to fill out and submit a special absence form a week before their chosen day. Please plan accordingly. We highly encourage students and their families to plan college visits for long weekends and holidays. Check the school-wide calendar for specific dates. Planning ahead is one of the keys to success in this process. Get these visits on the calendar as soon as possible. 

Standardized Testing
All Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors will take the PSAT at school in October. Juniors and Seniors should plan to take the ACT and SAT by registering online - SAT and ACT Visit the website for practice materials and test day tips.

Roadmap for College Counseling

Grade 9 Throughout their freshman year, Westminster students will have multiiple interactions with the College Counseling office. These meetings will include participation in case studies that provide insights into the college admission process. Additionally, students will partake in discussions emphasizing the significance of their academic record for college admissions. They will also be introduced to Scior, our comprehensive college research and application platform.
Grade 10 As students progress into their sophomore year, they will maintain regular contact with the counseling office. This continued engagement will include further exposure to case studies, college research sessions, and a one-on-one check-in with their counselor in the spring. During this check-in the counselor will review the student's academic record for the first half of high school and ensure that students are on track to achieve their collegiate goals.
Grade 11 Junior year is fully engaged with the College Counseling office. In the fall semester, students will have the opportunity to participate in a college tour visiting 4-5 colleges and universities. This tour aims to expose students to institutions of varying sizes, cultures, locations, and public and private settings. During the spring, juniors will attend small group sessions led by the College Counselor. These sessions will cover a wide range of topics, including admissions, standardized testing, applications, essays, financial aid, scholarships, career explorations, letters of recommendation, and effective college research strategies.
Grade 12 During senior year, Westminster students will meet regularly one-on-one with the College Counselor. In these meetings, students will work on their college applications, review essays and supplemental documentation, and receive tailored coaching through the admissions process. In the spring, students will also receive guidance in considering college admissions options.


College Planning Guide

At Westminster Schools of Augusta, our goal is to provide students with the best guidance available as they navigate the process of researching, applying, and enrolling in a college or university. We accomplish this through a comprehensive process beginning in 9th grade of meeting with students, learning who they are, helping them discover who they want to be, and finding ways to help students discern the path the Lord has laid before them. The College Planning Guide is an essential and comprehensive Guide that covers everything you need to know from both the student's and the parent's perspective. 

College Planning Guide

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