Come as a Student, Leave as a Leader

Student leadership is an integral part of life at Westminster and essential to making Westminster a school of excellence. Students are called upon to lead their peers spiritually, socially and in service. While there are formal positions available to accomplish this, each student is encouraged to lead through their actions and be part of leadership at Westminster.

Lower School

All Lower School grade levels encourage leadership through classroom jobs and developmentally appropriate duties that give students ownership of their own classroom experience. Students learn accountability, responsibility, oral communication skills and teamwork. Leadership opportunities include: chapel teams, daily morning announcement anchors and carline helpers. Follow the button below to watch the Lower School morning announcements, "What's Up Westminster?"

What's Up Westminster?

Middle School

The Middle School Leadership program aims to train students in grade 8 to lead their peers in service, worship and school-wide activities. Once selected for the Middle School Leadership Program, students meet once per month during lunch to discuss leadership skills and how they can better serve their peers. The middle school student body is divided into six teams, and each team is steered by 4-5 members of the leadership team.

Upper School

The Student Leadership Team (SLT) is currently made up of juniors and seniors who are chosen to lead certain aspects of school life. Each member is responsible for a specific area of school life ranging from student life to academics. All members work cohesively as a team in support of one another and ultimately are tasked with leading the student body.

The SLT is a team that is focused both on selection and development of leaders. This particular team is focused on overseeing the big picture of life at Westminster and undergoes leadership training and mentorship throughout the year.

Honor Council

The Honor Council is a coalition of students in the Upper School who advocate for their peers, but also hold themselves and those around them to a higher standard. The Honor Council has and will continue to be a source of encouragement among students, so that they are being heard and represented well. The Honor Council seeks to fulfill Proverbs 21:21, "He who pursues righteousness and loyalty finds life, righteousness and honor."

Clubs and Organizations

A number of clubs and organizations help our students develop invaluable leadership skills at Westminster. Students enjoy their experiences in clubs and organizations, while growing intellectually and spiritually, and gaining preparation for college and life.

List of Clubs & Organizations

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