Westminster Students Compete in 2023 National History Day Competition




Westminster Students Moving on to State in 2023 National History Day Competition

Westminster Schools of Augusta is pleased to announce that more than 20 students are moving on to the state competition in the 2023 National History Day Competition. This year's theme was "Frontiers in History, People, Places, Ideas." Students were allowed to choose from several categories of projects ranging from research papers and presentations, to documentaries, website design, or even a student scripted performance. The grade 7 and 8 students presented their works before their peers. 

After presenting to their peers, the students submitted their work to the regional contest. The following students won their regional competition and are moving on to the state contest. Congratulations, Wildcats!

Senior Division

1st - Caroline Cristofanelli - The Origin of MDT Therapy, Letter with Gary Heidni

Senior Group Exhibit

1st - Ben Scott, Ben Lewis, and William Westmoreland - The Sustainability of Nuclear Energy 

Junior Division

Junior Group Documentary
1st - Emma Shaver and Charlotte Stansfield - Movement in the United Kingdom: A Vote for Women’s Rights
2nd - Jimmy Clifford and Ian Boname - The First Aeronautical Pioneers 

Junior Group Exhibit
1st - Abigail Roach and Reagan Bishop - NASA Ocean & Void
2nd - Allie Stone and Molly Bramhall - Alaska: A Land of Opportunities
3rd - Israel Kelsey and Joliene Romero - The Ohio River Valley Frontier 

Junior Group Website
1st - Jacob McKeen and Zoey Jones - The Space Race Arbiter: Greenville’s Slater Mill
2nd - Leenah Redfearn and Umi Shin - Speaking without Speaking: Extra Hands for the Impaired
3rd - Emma Jordan and Sheridan Hudson - Braille: The Benefits and Impact for the Sightless 

Junior Individual Documentary
1st - Caroline Hernandez - Marie Tharpe - Proving Continental Drift 

Junior Individual Website
1st - Arianna Iribhogbe - Victoria Folashade Thomas-Fahm: Fashion Moving Forward, Nations, and Minds
2nd - Katherine Cristofanelli - Jacques Cousteau Knows No Bounds 

Junior Paper
3rd - Julian Lively IV - The Space Race: And the Problems They Had to Face 







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