Open Letter From Senior, Sam Carter



"Westminster has given me the opportunity to discover things about myself that perhaps I would have never envisioned elsewhere."

Sam Carter | Westminster

Dear Westminster,

I never thought I would ever say this, but my goodness, I wish I was in a classroom right now! The onset of senioritis once I hit submit on my final college application last fall has since vanished, and I long now for the chance to be back in the classroom with my friends. Now instead, I sit here at my desk, laptop screen in front of me, and I look to make the best of the situation that I am in.

No, I probably won't get the chance to lead my team out onto the field to defend our state title. No, I probably won't be able to break it down with Taylor Edmonds on the dance floor at prom. And no, I won't walk down the hallways as a Westminster student anymore hiding my untucked shirttail from Mr. Bell. But in reality, that's okay.

Westminster has given me the opportunity to discover things about myself that perhaps I would have never envisioned elsewhere. I know now that I am a confident and fixed individual. There'll be plenty more challenges in life, but I feel ready to face them all. I know I have a foundation in Christ that will carry me forward throughout the next stage of my life. And I know that I have one of the best groups of friends in my life, and though now we head all over the country, to Athens, Auburn, Fort Worth, and Columbia, the bonds we fostered at Westminster will outlast the challenges of distance.

Class of 2020, there has been much talk and discussion lately about what we will miss or lose with the current situation at hand, but I challenge you to think about what you have, and the solid foundation that Westminster has given us. To my football teammates, you brought the first-ever state title in football to the school. To my soccer teammates, you have set a legacy of devotion and success that no one can ever strip away from you. To those involved in theater and fine arts, you are the recipients of numerous state recognitions, and over the past seven years, you have put on some of the funniest and most well-produced shows I have ever seen. To Westminster students, forever hold the memories of the years spent at Westminster in your heart.

Remember all of these memories and know that no one can take these things away from you - from us. I love all of you and may you never forget the chorus concert of 2015.

Sam Carter







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