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This month on "The Wildcat Spotlight" we are featuring Westminster sophomore, Jack Tabb. Jack loves being involved in the fine arts and athletic programs at Westminster! When asked what his true passion is, Jack explains that he loves bringing people together, "I am passionate about human connection and bringing people closer together whether that be through music, drama, athletics, or just conversation." Please continue to read Jack Tabb's Q&A interview with Marketing Intern and sophomore, Randale Pete!

Student Spotlight: Jack Tabb | Westminster

Q: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Jack: I love to make music via singing, playing instruments, or a combination of the two. I also love to perform in the one-act play, spring musical as well as swim in the winter.

Q: What is your favorite quote or saying? How has it impacted your life?

Jack: A song lyric from the Mumford and Sons song "Roll Away Your Stone," It says, "It's not the long walk home that will change this heart, but the welcome I received at the restart." This quote gives me the assurance and hope that despite my mistakes and failures as a human, there is a loving savior waiting for me in eternity.

Q: Are you involved in any service activities? If so how has it affected your life?

Jack: My church, First Presbyterian, has a program called the Hand in Hand ministry that provides buddies to children with special needs in our church. My job is to help my buddy with whatever he may need in his class, his name is also Jack and we have been in the program together for four years. Serving in this program has allowed us to grow a strong friendship.

Q: Favorite memory during your time at Westminster?

Jack: My favorite memory was performing in our one-act show last year and winning both the state and region competition.

Q: As an Upper School student, do you have any advice for Middle School students?

Jack: Surround yourself with friends and mentors that will help you to accomplish your goals. I've found that turning to those friends during Upper School has been extremely helpful. Also, never be afraid to ask your teachers for help, the teachers here love you and want to help you to succeed.

Q: What would you like to study in college/ do in life?

Jack: As a sophomore, I still have time to contemplate this question. However, I have thought about a couple of options. I enjoy helping and forming relationships with people, which makes me consider a position in education. I am also interested in learning more about medicine due to my immense enjoyment of Mr. McLarnon's Honors Biology class last year.

Q: What inspired you to pursue drama?

Jack: In sixth grade, I decided that the spring musical sounded like fun. I didn't land a big role, but I still got an idea of what being in the drama program was like. My experiences with the friendships that came from cast members, the craziness of tech week, and the excitement that comes with performing in front of an audience have had me hooked ever since.

Q: What is your true passion?

Jack: I am passionate about human connection and bringing people closer together whether that be through music, drama, athletics, or just conversation.

Q: How does art, drama, or sports influence you on your Christian walk with Christ?

Jack: When I create, it helps me better understand the creator. When viewing the complexity and beauty of music, it helps me to see the intelligence of my creator and the love for his creation that he would give us this beautiful gift of music.

Q: What do you like most at Westminster Schools of Augusta?

Jack: I love how the faculty at this school is fully invested in each and every one of their students. Westminster allows students to form strong relationships with teachers who do everything in their power to help students succeed.







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