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Each month, Westminster Schools of Augusta will feature an Upper School student in a Q&A named "The Wildcat Spotlight." First up is senior Jack Baker.

Wildcat Spotlight: Jack Baker | Westminster

Each month, Westminster Schools of Augusta will feature an Upper School student in a Q&A named “The Wildcat Spotlight.” First up is senior Jack Baker. When asked what his main goals are on the SLT team, Jack explains that he wants to continue to make attending Westminster an enjoyable and memorable experience for the student body. “To me, the best way to focus the eyes of the school on Christ is to have outstanding leaders who follow Christ. Thus, I am looking to God to work through me in my SLT position of coordinating chapel speakers, worship leaders for devotionals, and chapels for the Upper School. It has been a joy to witness God work through these speakers!” Please continue to read Jack Baker’s Q&A interview with Marketing Intern and sophomore, Randale Pete! 

Q: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Jack: I enjoy watching sports, mainly Premier League soccer and college football. Also, I love playing these sports both for Westminster, Augusta Arsenal Soccer Club, and just with friends. Being very competitive, I always want to participate in other skilled games like sports, board games, video games, or card games. I also am very close to my three younger sisters and enjoy hanging out with them. Additionally, I love being involved in our youth group at First Presbyterian Church, where I help with the middle school youth group and avidly attend the high school youth group, trips, and bible studies. Finally, I’m thrilled to be on the Student Leadership Team this year and help with the setup and organization of many school activities and, specifically to me, chapels.

Q: What sports do you play? 

Jack: I play football, soccer, and run track.

Q: What do you prioritize in your life?

Jack: Every day before school I try to consider how God can use me that day.  I definitely make youth group a big priority in my life because I love the community I experience by simply interacting with other middle and high school students and our youth group leaders. Maintaining good grades consumes much of my time as well.

Q: Do you do any service activities? If so, how has it affected your life?

Jack: Helping in the middle school youth group is my main service activity. Leading a discussion group with 8th grade guys after a speaker gives a talk has definitely helped my communication/conversational skills. Having the privilege to ask middle schoolers simply about their day or how school is going has taught me the importance of fellowship and communication. Being placed in a position of leadership has pushed me to consider how I may positively influence younger students. Overall, it has made me more mindful and thoughtful of my surroundings.

Q: What is your favorite bible verse? How has it impacted you and your decisions? 

Jack: The whole of Psalm 84 has been a huge encouragement to me because it talks about eternity and describes how blessed one would be to be a simple servant in Heaven. The chapter says this would far exceed dwelling in royalty on earth. The Psalm also reminds me of how blessed Christians are that they have an eternity with God guaranteed by following him. Finally, it motivates me to continue living for Christ even in the face of difficulties.

Q: How does this year's school theme, “So Am I” apply to you?

Jack: The theme’s verse instructing Christians in Philippians to follow the example set by Paul (who is similarly following the example set by Christ) challenges me to get into the Bible more and seek out how Jesus lived and then try to apply that in my own life. I love this theme because every time I read it I am reminded that ‘So am I living my life for Jesus.’

Q: Favorite memory during your time at Westminster? 

Jack: The freshman retreat at the Rock Eagle 4H Center was definitely awesome, but I think my favorite so far is the memory of playing soccer with my best friends during the spring of my junior year. Many great memories will be made this coming football season though!

Q: As a senior, do you have any words of wisdom or advice to freshmen at Westminster?

Jack: Definitely try to focus in class and prioritize your time. Always be looking for ways to be productive. Your time in high school only becomes busier,  especially senior year when you are taking classes AND applying to colleges. 

Q: What would you like to study in college?

Jack: I definitely want to study history, English, and foreign affairs. Law is also interesting to me though and I would love to study abroad in England, travel to other parts of the world, and maybe learn other languages. 

Q: What inspired you to be on the SLT Team?

Jack: I feel that God can use me to make an impact here by being in a position of leadership. I want to help make Westminster a more appealing and gospel-centered option to prospective families considering Westminster and to help the school continue to be an enjoyable and memorable experience for students. The best way to focus the eyes of the school on Christ is to have leaders who are following Christ. Thus, I am looking to God to work through me in my main SLT position of coordinating chapel speakers and worship leaders for devotionals and chapels for the upper school. It has been a joy to witness God work through these speakers so far!







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