2019 Green-Orr Award Winners Announced



Congratulations to Jenni Shaver, Ashley Shaw, and Micah Waldecker, the 2019 Green-Orr Award recipients!

Shaver: Green-Orr | Westminster
Shaw: Green-Orr | Westminster
Waldecker: Green-Orr | Westminster

Since 2005, one Lower and one or two Middle/Upper School teachers have been recognized for excellence in their field with the Green-Orr Award. The award helps celebrate the achievements of our faculty and honors the memory of Juanita and Charles Green and Harry Orr, parents of Peggy and Charlie Green. Presented annually during the opening days for faculty and staff before the first day of school, the 2019 Green-Orr Award was presented to Jenni Shaver, the media specialist in the Lower School, Ashley Shaw, the science teacher in the Middle School, and Micah Waldecker, the educational tech coordinator and Spanish teacher in the Upper School. 

Mrs. Shaver, Mrs. Shaw, and Mr. Waldecker were selected for the award through a vote by fellow faculty members. Criteria for the award includes showing clear evidence and consistent support and advancement of Westminster’s mission; demonstrating significant impact on students through regular contact via teaching, coaching, and/or mentoring; providing a positive Christian role model; and having completed at least five years on the faculty at Westminster. 

The following are comments by Brian Case as he presented the award along with Caroline Whitcomb.

Jenni Shaver

Jenni Shaver touches the hearts and lives of every student and faculty member in the Lower School and many parents as well. She is one of a few teachers that get to teach every Lower School student who comes through Westminster. She takes her responsibility to teach students how to use technology well very seriously, and she equips them with the skills they need to thrive in middle school 1:World program. Mrs. Shaver goes above and beyond to equip our students with the appropriate knowledge that they need to navigate this modern digital age. She teaches them personal responsibility and educates them on the awesome opportunities as well as the dangers they may arise with technology. Christ is at the center of what she does. She is always looking for new ways to innovate and challenge the kids. Not only is she an excellent teacher but she is constantly looking for ways to help her fellow teachers. Mrs. Shaver is always willing to help anyone with a need. She is a great problem solver and always has ideas for how to improve herself and our school.

Mrs. Shaver also makes a bridge for the parents and Westminster. She organizes the book fair each year and she uses the money from that fair to buy materials that help her have an even more meaningful impact on her students. Additionally, she oversees the supply kit order every year for the parents club and this year she (along with Mrs. Almodovar) is directing the new after-school enrichment program, Westminster XD. Her energy and enthusiasm are unending and her desire is to educate in all areas with excellence! She is a great example for all of us!

Ashley Shaw

Mrs. Shaw has taught in the Lower School and in the Middle School, and she has taught in math as well as science in Middle School. She teaches, she mentors, she advises, she leads the science bowl club, and oversees the Middle School leadership program. Mrs. Shaw is one of those teachers who is willing to serve in whatever way is needed. She will see a need and will seek to fill it without even being asked. She is absolutely adored as she truly seeks to reach every single one of her students on a personal level. In addition, she is an encouragement to parents and her co-workers. She sees the best in everyone and is quick to point it out. In the science classroom, she is clearly a lifelong learner; always seeking to improve on her teaching methods. A typical class for Mrs. Shaw may include bungee jumps with barbies, shooting homemade rockets, or creating games using circuits. In the midst of this, she manages the class extremely well. Her love of the subject spreads to her students. The Middle School leadership program has grown under her direction. She is quick to spend extra time with students to challenge them to rise to their potential as leaders. And then she is quick to celebrate with the ones who overcome fears as they work with teams. Lastly, her love for the Lord is evident in all that she does for her students and colleagues. Her joy is infectious.

Micah Waldecker

Micah Waldecker serves the school in a variety of roles, both in and out of the classroom. As a Spanish teacher, his love of language and learning are evident on a daily basis in his AP class as he challenges and supports his students. He creates a classroom environment that is both comfortable and inspiring: students feel safe to make mistakes but also are willing to try new things and challenge themselves. His love for learning is contagious. 

As the technology coordinator, Mr. Waldecker consistently and joyfully serves other teachers as well as students. He is incredibly hardworking in meeting our technological needs, and he is always patient and kind. His assistance with the 1:World program has been invaluable, both in creating documents that give clear expectations for students, in maintaining the devices themselves and in continually thinking of ways to partner with parents in the use of technology. Much of this work has been behind the scenes, which Mr. Waldecker does with a humble and willing spirit. 

Mr. Waldecker greets everyone with a smile and genuinely cares about those around him. He is quick to offer an encouraging word and often drops whatever he is doing to meet the needs of others, whether it be to cover a class or to solve a technological conundrum. He is very patient with both students and faculty alike, no matter how simple or difficult the task at hand. Mr. Waldecker often makes his colleagues laugh with his quippy puns and thoughtful conversation. He seeks to build community and meaningful relationships with those around him, whether it be through mentoring a Middle School advisory or committing to pray weekly for students. 

Most of all, Mr. Waldecker loves Jesus and he points others to Christ in both word and deed. We are blessed to have him as part of our school community.










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