Students Placed In The Morris Museum Combining Voices Contest





Congratulations to Savannah Peebles, Mary Ellis Baker, and Davis Brooks for placing in this year's Morris Museum Combining Voices writing contest!

MMCV Poetry Awards | Westminster

Students Savannah Peebles, Mary Ellis Baker, and Davis Brooks placed in the Morris Museum Combining Voices writing contest this year. Of the six winners, three of them were from Westminster. For poetry, Savannah Peebles placed second place for her poem "My Warrior Family" and Mary Ellis Baker placed third for her Poem "When it's Gone." For prose, Davis Brooks placed third for her story "Just Like Me." All of these were inspired by paintings at the Morris Museum. Please see below for Savannah and Mary Ellis's winning poems!


My Warrior Family

By Savannah Peebles


Silently, I sat waiting,

Hoping I could get out of this chair soon.

Could it really be true

That my freedom is here and there is no more anticipating,

Maybe this will all be worth it.

People will look at my portrait and see my strength,

Even if I have to sit here for hours at length

My story is true, and this must be perfect.

I used to cry and just wish to be home,

Away from this slavery and for it all to be gone.

It is just a bad dream that will soon pass on,

I'd say to myself with the new rising sun.

And I was right because now I'm not alone.

I live in a house with my warrior family,

And I wish this torture had never touched them.

But they fought through, and now this is the outcome,

Together we'll live through any tragedy.


When It's Gone

By Mary Ellis Baker


This was the first and only house I had lived in

Gorgeous, peaceful, and captivating.

My parents told us stories of where they had been,

But they always found themselves back here.

In this massive house, you could go anywhere and disappear.

My siblings and I would run free in the yard,

Where creating fairy tales and magical stories was not hard.

I took my first steps in this house, said my first

word, and learned the significance of love.

Now that I'm older I know that it's not something to let go of.

When my parents died I was only sixteen.

I saw the most tears I had ever seen.

This painting is all we have left of them together,

Just sharing the happiness of being with each other.

We had to sell the house and move somewhere smaller,

I would give anything just to go back and talk to my father.

Material things will fade away,

but this house was the one thing I wish could stay.

This house represents the many memories we all shared together.

I will remember them both forever.

Although their memories will undyingly live on,

I guess you never know the value of something till it's gone.







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