Faculty Spotlight: Jordan Lambert




This week's faculty spotlight is on Foreign Language Department Chair, French teacher and varsity cheerleading coach Jordan Lambert!

Faculty Spotlight: Jordan Lambert | Westminster

Jordan Lambert


Foreign Language Department Chair, French teacher, and varsity cheerleading coach

College/ Degree

Maîtrise 1 et Maîtrise 2 Didactique des langues et des cultures et français langue étrangère et seconde 
Université de Blaise Pascal, France

What would you name the autobiography of your life?

My autobiography would be called "Round-trip, a Life Between Two Countries" or "Believe."

What is something you learned in the last week?

This week I learned that one-on-one feedback conversations with my students is very valuable and really helps me to understand where they are and how to best help them reach their goals. 

What is your favorite thing about WSA?

The gift to be able to pour into young people, to serve and minister while doing what I am passionate about. 

What does our tagline "Learning Minds, Living Faith" mean to you? 

It means that we are all on a journey. We are all learning every day, and not one of us has "arrived." We are blessed to be learning and living out our faith together in a place where it is safe to fail and to stumble along the way.







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