2018 Green-Orr Award Winners Announced



Congratulations to Elizabeth Meeks and Glenn Bell, the 2018 Green-Orr Award recipients.

Green-Orr Award 2018 | Westminster

Since 2005, one Lower and Middle/Upper School teacher have been recognized for excellence in their field with the Green-Orr Award. The award helps celebrate the achievements of our faculty and honors the memory of Juanita and Charlie Green and Robert and Harry Orr, parents of Peggy and Charlie Green. Presented annually during the opening days for faculty and staff before the first day of school, the 2018 Green-Orr Award was presented to Elizabeth Meeks, second grade teacher in the Lower School, and Glenn Bell, history teacher in the Upper School.

Ms. Meeks and Mr. Bell were selected for the award through a vote by fellow faculty members. Criteria for the award includes showing clear evidence and consistent support and advancement of Westminster's mission; demonstrating significant impact on students through regular contact via teaching, coaching, and/or mentoring; providing a positive Christian role model; and having completed at least five years on the faculty at Westminster.

The following are comments by Brian Case as he presented the award along with Peggy and Charlie Green:

Elizabeth Meeks

Ms. Meeks has the ability to find the strength in every child she teaches, and she nurtures and feeds that strength throughout the year. With a simple push of her glasses to the tip of her nose, she can quiet a classroom of exuberant children. She wants each child to be successful and is willing to try new things in the classroom in an effort to meet each child's needs. Her students know they are loved, so she is able to correct and discipline them without breeding resentment. She celebrates the victories of each child, no matter how small those victories may seem. The student who is struggling to keep up feels just as celebrated as the brightest student in the class. Her students leave her classroom armed with the skills they need to thrive in the next grade. But most importantly, they leave her class feeling happy and confident.

Additionally, she encourages her co-teachers with her can-do attitude and willingness to help anyone in need. She brings humor to every situation and can usually be heard before she is seen! Most importantly she can flip pancakes faster than anyone can say onomatopoeia, and she loves to go to her students' co-curricular activities in the Augusta community.

Glenn Bell

One of the hallmarks of a great educator is the ability to adapt and grow without leaving behind more traditional techniques that have brought about success over the years. Mr. Bell embodies the spirit of a true teacher as he has adapted his teaching strategies over the years to better reach students without leaving behind his inescapable humor within his lectures. He challenges students with some of the most rigorous and thought-provoking curriculum at our school and delivers it with a lovable, sarcastic wit that keeps the students entertained and engaged at all times. Most of the time he is calm under pressure, but occasionally you will see that he also has a fire in him that motivates students to do their best work in the classroom and on the playing field. Mr. Bell always has a moment for a student whether it be right after class, after school, or before class, and he is sought after by students and faculty alike for his ready insight into academic, spiritual, or social affairs. Mr. Bell is also an excellent 3:30 classroom teacher during the fall athletic season pushing student-athletes to the limits in one of the most demanding sports at Westminster. He never stops learning and this year is teaching an online class to deliver curriculum in a new way. Mr. Bell encapsulates what a Westminster teacher should be: Christ-like, intelligent, wise, patient and very helpful.

Congratulations Ms. Meeks and Mr. Bell! 







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