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Each national language exam is developed independently by the professional organization (i.e., American Classical League, American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, and the American Association of Teachers of French). An award on one language exam is not necessarily equivalent to a similarly named award in a different language. The language exams recognize achievement within each language and do not lend themselves well to comparison between languages.

National Latin Exam

Latin 1

Gold Medal: Brad Joiner (perfect score), Eli Scott (perfect score), Jack Tabb, Stephen Reams, Harrison Rucker, William Banks, Katelyn Dawkins, Madeleine Freace, Rachel Goodell, Lily Hartenburg
Silver Medal: Anna Ruth Owen, Joseph Puetz, Kaleigh Bakeman
Cum Laude: Jordan Carlie

Latin 2

Gold Medal: Kayla Kucela, Cara Chiswell, Jonathan Apostol, Grace Pridemore, Sydney Roseman, Thomas Paulk, Mary Grace Apostol, McKayla Ayettey, Julia Andrews
Silver Medal: Samuel Drake, Benjamin Bayliss, Elizabeth Rucker, Ogden Tabb, Emily Thuan, William Campbell
Magna Cum Laude, Ashleigh Currier

Latin 3

Gold Medal: Duncan Crowder, Nicholas Kershner, Grant Fuller, Jack Baker, Christina Brown, Meaghan Rich
Silver Medal: Callie Franks
Magna Cum Laude: Luke Hartenburg

Latin 4

Silver Medal: Luke Yarid
Magna Cum Laude: Bronson Tharpe, Caroline Campbell, Thomas Drake
Cum Laude: Ashlyn Dawkins, Lee Baker, Katie Bell Fulcher

Latin 5

Gold Medal: Ellie Lynch
Silver Medal: Alyssa Carrad
Cum Laude: Kylie Duckworth
Book Award for Earning 5 Gold Medals in 5 Years of Latin: Ellie Lynch

National Greek Exam

Perfect Score: Kylie Duckworth
Highest Honors: Duncan Crowder, Ellie Lynch
High Honors: Caroline Campbell
Certificate of Merit: Alyssa Carrad

Latin Sight Translation Sponsored by the
Classical Association of the Middle West and South

Letter of Commendation: Duncan Crowder

National Mythology Exam

Gold Medal/Perfect Score: Madeleine Freace, Kate Lynch
Silver Medal: Lily Hartenburg, Kayla Kucela, Ashleigh Currier
Bronze Medal: Julia Andrews, Sydney Roseman

National Spanish Exam

Spanish 1

Gold: Abby Almodovar, 2nd in state, Avelina Lee, 4th in state
Silver: Ashley Ball, McNeill Morris
Bronze: Wellsley Fuller, Chelsey Hawkins, Colt Ingram, Will Puckett
Honorable Mention: Daniel Baird, Jackson Barinowski, Davis Brooks, Candice Ye, Brianna Earle, Will Hitchcock, Madison Huss, Larkin Ison III, Reese Kelly, Anna Claire Pruett, Jason Tan

Spanish 2

Gold: Claire Crowder, 1st in state, Maya Davis, 3rd in state, Dodie Shaw, 4th in state, Luke Wells, 3rd in state, Hannah Daniel, 1st in state in the bilingual category
Silver: Wright Andrews, Wendy Cheng, Bennett Duckworth, Eden Dyer, Mary Rushton Massey, Caroline Weaver, Jack Williford
Bronze: Ruth Ann Case, Tristan Gloystein, Reagan Lutz, Chloe Reynolds
Honorable Mention: Sam Herrin, Joseph Jackson, Caroline Kilchenstein, Thomas Saul IV, Nora Williams, Brooks Wight

Spanish 3

Silver: Sam Carter, Heather Cranford, Nan Woodward, 6th in state. Nanette Colon-Rios
Bronze: Kate Lynch, Kiersten Ward
Honorable Mention: Erin Colley, Jacob Heaton, Collin Landrum, Caleb Lindman, Logan Smith, Marisol Zayas

Spanish 4

Bronze: Sydney Buchanan, Sarah Margaret Farr
Honorable Mention: Madeleine Baker

Spanish AP

Silver: Mary Claire Williford, 6th in state
Bronze: Perry Barinowski, Aubrey Reynolds

National French Contest

French 1

Bronze: Brooke Best, Katie Bell Fulcher, Claire Peacock
Honorable Mention: Logan Gamlin, Annalise Ikeler, Taylor Ingraham, Paul Kassner

French 2

Bronze: Abigail Griner, Sam Williamson
Honorable Mention: Micah Franklin, Taylor Hawes, John David Kassner

French 3

Silver: Michelle Iwama 10th in State, 14 in Nation, Susan Yan 12th in State, 16 in Nation
Honorable Mention: Maggi Benson, Chase Chiswell

AP French

Silver: Caroline Vickery 8th in State, 11th in Nation
Honorable Mention: Sarah Banta, Bobbi Wardwell







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