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Middle School

Growing and Developing Everyday

Middle School years are vital to a student's growth and development. It is a time when students need to be challenged and try new things, and even need to fail and learn from it. As a faculty, we are committed to coming alongside students as they are directed to learn valuable lessons of self-discipline, integrity and resilience, in addition to pursuing the skills of organization, creativity, collaboration, leadership and critical thinking.

Tracy Lutz
Middle School Principal

"We love Westminster Schools of Augusta. It isn't very common, I don't think, to find teenagers who love their school -- ours do and we are so thankful! Our teens have been with Westminster since Kindergarten & I can't imagine them anywhere else! This school provides top-notch education with a biblical worldview, amazing teachers who truly care about your child (in and out of the classroom) and a desire to develop character & life skills in students that will ensure success in college and beyond."

Parent, 8th Grade

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Academic Excellence

Delivering personalized instruction and a proven curriculum

Students are challenged to become more independent in the learning process and develop the skills necessary to meet their potential in and out of the classroom. Students are given opportunities to be creative and develop critical thinking skills through coursework and hands-on learning experiences. Students grow emotionally, intellectually and spiritually as they prepare for Upper School.

  Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8
Biblical Studies Bible 6  Bible 7 Bible 8
English English 6 English 7 English 8
Foreign Language   Foreign Language Prep French 1*, Latin 1*, Spanish 1*
Mathematics Math 6 Math 7 or Pre-Algebra Algebra I, or Honors Algebra I *, or Math 8
History World Civilizations World Cultures/Civics U.S. History
Science Earth Science Life Science Physical Science*
(meet every other day)

Art 6, Beginning Band, Chorus 6, Drama 6, Digital Creations, Physical Education, Study Skills (Semester courses except for music and P.E.)

Art 7, Chorus 7/8, Creative Writing, Drama 7, Intermediate Band, Physical Education, STEM (Semester courses except for music)

Art 8, Chorus 7/8, Computer Science, Debate, Drama, 8, Intermediate Band, Physical Education, (Semester courses except for music)

*These courses carry one Carnegie Unit of credit.

Experiential Learning

Direct experiences outside a traditional classroom

Each year, the individual Middle School classes, along with their chaperones and teachers, enjoy several days away from campus in what we call the Outdoor Classrooms. This stage between childhood and adolescence is an excellent time for educational experience melded with class-bonding time. The sixth-grade students travel to Tybee Island, Georgia for an educational experience at the Burton 4-H Center. The seventh-grade students visit Blue Ridge Outdoor Education Center in Toccoa, Georgia as a part of their curriculum. Eighth-grade students and their chaperones travel to Washington, D.C. for a non-stop educational adventure in our nation's capitol.

Innovative Teaching and Learning

Engaging Our Students in Learning for the 21st Century

Technology is simply the tool we use to break down the walls of our classrooms so that our learning experiences reach past the confines of our school. Westminster trains students to become leaders in the use of technology with excellence and discernment as a means to collaborate meaningfully, communicate effectively, engage civically, and problem-solve creatively in order to benefit their local and global communities for the sake of Christ.

Each student in grades 6-8 participates in the 1: World program, receiving a new MacBook Air to use at home and at school to complement their educational experience. This allows their learning environment to reach far past the confines of the classroom. As students use their laptops across the curriculum, they will begin to develop the digital literacy skills that they will need to thrive in the 21st century. But more importantly, the 1: World program is designed to help students experience the concepts they are learning in a more authentic way, providing opportunities for them to benefit their local and global communities for the sake of Christ.







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