Athletic Training

The Westminster Schools of Augusta Athletic Training Program exists to assist athletes in the prevention, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries and subsequent return to their chosen sport(s).

As an integral member of each of our athletic teams, our certified athletic trainer provides health care for each of our student-athletes. This service encompasses all facets of the prevention, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. An athlete’s subsequent return to his or her chosen sport(s) is carefully reviewed by him and includes evaluation and management of additional conditions that may influence performance. We partner with Augusta University Sports Medicine for our athletic training services.


The Athletic Training Staff is on campus to provide athletic training care to Westminster Schools of Augusta GISA sanctioned sports. Coverage will include after school practices for Middle School and Upper School athletes as well as varsity home games and competitions. 

Emergency Contact/Health History

Prior to participation in any practices or competitions in athletics at Westminster Schools of Augusta, the Athletic Department and our Athletic Trainer must have the current address, emergency contact, insurance, medical alert and health history information pertaining to your son or daughter on file. This information will be taken from the Athletic Physical.

Injury Reporting

Student-athletes are to report each injury incurred to the athletic trainer. Each injury should be reported, as soon as possible, following the incidence of injury. In the event that the athletic trainer is not in the immediate vicinity, injuries must be reported to the appropriate coach who will relay the message to the athletic trainer for proper evaluation, treatment, and referral, if appropriate.

Return to Play

Following an injury, an athlete must receive clearance to return to play. If under the care of a physician, a student-athlete must obtain clearance from the treating physician and communicate this to the athletic trainer, prior to being allowed to return to participation. If a student-athlete is solely under the care of the athletic trainer, the athletic trainer will provide clearance.


The GISA requires all coaches to participate every year in a GISA-approved course on concussion management.

Each parent will receive an information sheet outlining what a concussion is, the signs seen by parents, coaches and others, the symptoms or signs the athlete may report as having, methods or steps to preventing concussions, and an overview of the process for return to play. Documentation of signed or electronic receipt of the above document(s) is required from the parents before the athlete may be allowed to participate.

Each student-athlete will receive information regarding steps to prevent or mitigate concussions, signs and symptoms they may experience with a concussion, the importance of reporting suspected concussions, and the steps they need to take if they feel they have incurred a concussion. If an athlete incurs a concussion or is suspected of a concussion, they will be removed from participation immediately. Said athlete will then be evaluated by the appropriate medical personnel.







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